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homesafekids has been established in conjunction with kidsafe to help you make your home safer for your children and those of your relatives and friends.
In Australian homes every year:

  • 73 children are killed by accidents
  • 140,000 children visit hospital emergency centres
  • 38,000 children visit hospitals with crushes or glass cuts
  • 4,300 children are hospitalised due to falls in their home
  • 26 children drown at home
  • 2,000 children are hospitalised due to poisoning
  • 600 children are hospitalised due to scalds
  • 1,300 children are hospitalised following finger jams (many resulting in amputation).

Statistics courtesy of kidsafe

Our inspectors are professionally trained to assess the child safety of your home and provide a comprehensive report detailing strategies can take and products to make your home a safer place for children.





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