Homesafe Kids are a Melbourne-based business specialising in custom fitted child safety gates. We use a range of baby gate styles in our installations and always select the highest quality products which comply with all relevant safety standards. We provide onsite assessments and baby gate installations for Melbourne homes and advise parents throughout Australia on ways to increase child safety in their home. Our custom installations are an ideal solution for unusual safety requirements such as spiral stairs, precious surfaces or fireplaces.

Types of safety gates we can customise

From self-closing gates to retractable gates, we use multiple different baby gate styles to ensure the most convenient, custom fitted solution for your safety concerns.

Pressure Gates

The simplest method of installing a barrier is to purchase a pressure gate. These are available in a number of configurations and most have modular extensions to accommodate almost any width.

Before making your purchase it’s important to familiarize yourself with the environment you are installing the gate to. A range of issues can adversely affect installation, such as unstable surfaces like loose stair posts or fragile plaster.

Self Closing Gates

These are spring hinged with a self-latching mechanism. In principle, self-closing baby gates are fine however it is critical that they are precisely installed and routinely checked to ensure the latching mechanism remains tuned.

It is important to think through the intended use of the gated area. If the toddler is not exposed to the hazard frequently it may be more convenient to use a manually latching gate.

These child safety gates are a viable option if there are older children in the house who may not be as vigilant in closing a gate as their parents.

Gates with No Bottom Rail

Some baby gates are available without a bottom rail and these provide excellent resolution for top of stairs. It is critical that the attachment points on both sides are solid with no movement and can be securely fastened into. These safety gates are generally more aesthetically pleasing and are often installed to protect the integrity of an interior.

Modular Gates and Fences

Dangerous environments are often left unprotected simply because parents are unaware of products that can configure around corners or attach to surfaces that may not align. Modular gates and fences are ideal for creating child safety or exclusion zones and can be used to successfully isolate open or unconventional kitchens.

Attaching to Precious Surfaces

HomesafeKids has developed procedures for attaching baby gates to precious surfaces without inflicting damage. This is particularly important for kitchen benches that are usually constructed from highly finished materials such as laminate, stone or timber.

This procedure can also be used for attaching to structural glass as may be encountered in a balustrade for example.

Call Home safe Kids for custom fitted child safety gates

Child proofing an entire home can rarely be achieved using ‘off the shelf’ products. Our custom baby gates are suitable for stairs, hallways, fireplaces and can be modified to suit every room of your home. Contact HomesafeKids for an installation in Melbourne. We also provide advice to families throughout Australia on their safety needs. Call us on 1300 88 7233 to discuss custom child safety solutions today.