Homesafe will carry out a comprehensive assessment of your home, identifying potential danger situations advising strategic and product based solutions.

Some child safety products are readily available however it is often difficult to make the right product choice for your situation.

Solutions can also be strategic. For example applying safety products to a kitchen can render it unworkable when an exclusion barrier can be a safer solution that preserves the integrity of the working environment.

Homesafe offers:

  • Child home safety assessment* conducted by an experienced homesafe assessor
  • Comprehensive report* detailing recommended safety solutions and products
  • Quotation for Homesafe to supply and install safety products
  • Fact sheets on child safety in the home

* Subject to Homesafe’s conditions of assessment.

To arrange a consultation or to find out more about our services, please call homesafekids on 1300 88 7233.