Protecting Australian Kids with Custom Baby Gates for Wide or Unique Safety Zones

Homesafe Kids has been established in conjunction with Kidsafe Vic to help you make your home safer for your children and those of your relatives and friends.

Our inspectors are professionally trained to assess the child safety of your home and provide a comprehensive report detailing strategies you can take and products you can use to make your home a safer place for children.

Innovative safety solutions for Australian homes

We specialise in innovative baby gate solutions for homes with non-conventional safety needs, such as wide staircases, narrow doorways or retractable gates so that you can access isolation areas, but your child can’t.We customise and install gates rated to the highest global safety standards,manufactured to last with many of our installations maintaining their quality for years.

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An experienced Homesafe Kids assessor will assess the safety of your home advising potential danger situations detailed in a comprehensive written report and quotation.

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Data on the incidence of dangers in homes has been compiled from child home safety inspections undertaken in Victoria by Homesafe Kids from 2006 to 2012 .

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Home Safety Guide

This Home Safety Guide has been prepared to assist you to identify and prevent potential injury to children from hazards within your home.

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Contact us for custom baby gate solutions

Many homes require more creative solutions than standard baby gates will allow, like an extra wide baby gate to isolate an entire room. For a safety assessment or custom child proof gate installation, contact Homesafe Kids. We’re based in Melbourne but have the capacity to assist all Australian families with their home safety needs through our assessments, advice and local installations. Call us on 1300 88 7233 or send an email to